Baby Boomers – Common Beliefs Surrounding the Baby Boomers Today

Baby Boomers – Common Beliefs Surrounding the Baby Boomers Today

To be considered a Baby Boomer, you would have had to be born in the post-World War II era. From 1946 to 1964 the era saw the greatest population explosion in the United States. The birth rate for Americans from postwar years was the highest in recorded history. With the responsibility of the new generation leading American into the 1970s and on, these Baby Boomers took on the challenges that helped America out of the Great Depression and move into the manufacturing and economy drove society that reshaped everything in hopes of a better future for the next generation.

By 2030, the last of the Baby Boomer generation will have reached the retirement age of 65 and look to a long healthy life because of the advances in medicine and healthcare in the United States. The economic prosperity of the postwar era allowed people to consider the future without war looming. This allowed the population expansion to branch out from the cities and gather in suburban housing that was an answer for families who wanted out of cities to have a better neighborhood for their children.

Baby Boomers created opportunity in the job markets that allowed most of the postwar generation to be employed by one company for their entire career. Into the 1970s and 1980s, Baby Boomers were on the verge of retirement and had sustained factory and manufacturing plants throughout the United States with a work ethic that ended as Baby Boomers began to retire from these businesses.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Baby Boomers - Common Beliefs Surrounding the Baby Boomers Today

The idea for the generation that followed the Baby Boomers sees the cultural impact they left behind. It was a strong underpinning in business, government, and religion. However, as global marketing advanced, and people saw the need to move industry out of the United States for cheaper labor and competitive suppliers, the age of industry in the U.S. ended with the Baby Boomers. They retired and were replaced by less experienced, less interested individuals. The lack of work ethic in retail and other American industries has crippled the economy. As Baby Boomers retired with fat benefits from a lifetime working at one place, the replacement employees were paid considerably less as a starting rate (compared to the Cost of Living difference from the 1950s), and the average time an employee stays at one career is 5 years. Employers understand people will not settle into life-long employment ventures. Employers are counting on the fact that average employees have a finite outlook on their career choices. This allows businesses to hire cheap labor, pay little in benefits, and likely never give raises that make differences in people’s lives. read more on given link :

The age of the Baby Boomer comes to a close in the United States with our lifetime. They have taken opportunities afforded to them during the postwar years, built a healthy lifestyle, gained considerable nest eggs in retirement benefits, and paid off their real estate choices. Most will retire by the age of 65 and live out their days doing whatever they like. Their replacements, their offspring must cope with economic uncertainty since the global marketing change moved industry out of the United States. Generations following Baby Boomers have a long tough road ahead.

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