What is a baby boomer and how do they affect the dynamics of the working office?

What is a baby boomer and how do they affect the dynamics of the working office?

 A baby boomer is a person generally born after 1945 and before the 1960s, just after the Second World War. Characteristics of the baby boomer generation in the work place include being ‘workaholics’, respect from younger colleagues and seniority from experience and age. However, with most of the baby boomers expected to retire in the next five to ten years, how will this affect the office dynamics?

What is a baby boomer?

A baby boomer is a person born between the years 1945-1960, during the post war prosperity period. In 2017, they would now be the baby boomer ages of 51-75 years old. During this time, there was a lot of change for America- people were living better than they had ever, people were richer and, for many, the American Dream of a house, garden, wife, car and pet which was all yours was affordable. This was the age of consumerism, materialism and change in the States. This had a profound psychological effect upon those who grew up in this rapidly changing world. During these years, there was a rapid increase in birth rate, there were over 76 million births in the US alone.

Characteristics of a baby boomer

Baby boomers tend to reject traditional values created before the war period and have high expectations and privileges. They have had high expectations for salaries, employee benefits and wealth due to the fact they were living longer than their parents. They also have expected an abundance of money, commodities, food, clothing and other material wealth. The baby boomer gneeration are also work centric, believing that their hard work and effort amounts to promotions at work and better work opportunities. Due to the social change around the Fifties and Sixties, they believe themselves to be independent, questioning authority and challenging the status quo. The baby bomers also believe in self-worth, given that they were able to as many were in a well-off and affluent household, and were able to pursue self-worth and self-love. Click here !

The baby boomer generation and the workplace

When it comes to the work office, the baby boomer is less likely to retire, preferring to delay it until they reach their mid-60s. For example, the average age of retirement for the baby boomer is 67 years old. However, because of the baby boom, they represent a large percent of the workforce today- this shows that our working population is ageing. They are also independent workers, may sometime question the wisdom of their superiors


When considering the baby boomer in the workplace, it is advisable to position them in a middle to senior position, or a position that allows autonomy in your organization if their curriculum vitae suggests they are worthy of that position. This allows them to be somewhat independent of their work and can allow them to express themselves in a different way. You should also consider them to work in a contractor/self-employed position, or to be in charge of a younger workforce. They may also value more perks like a better pension and benefits, since most will be at the age of retirement. Visit this site for more information : http://matureresources.org/

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